Wednesday, 23 December 2009

thankful-day 5

I have discovered that it's not so easy to come up with something thankful to write about every single day. It's not that I am not grateful or thankful but really some days it's hard to pin exact thankfulnesses down.

We are a day away from Christmas eve and I am one of those Grinch people's who don't like this time of year very much, it's stressful and full of unfulfilled expectations and as an adult I have come to dislike it to the point of wanting to hibernate. Yet it's also one of the few times of the year where most people get out of their selfish box and share a little bit.

One of the things I really do like about this time of year is the freedom to give without having to come up with a reason ( as if you actually need a reason...) I like to give thanks to the people around me who do stuff for me paid or not.

So this is me being grateful for the people around me. The posties, the garbage men, the staff in my doctor's office, the really friendly cashiers at Lidl, my co workers at ACER, the strangers who actually smile at me when I smile at them and so on.

The world is full of people most of whom we never get to meet or know but occasionally we break through that stranger barrier and sometimes we connect even for a few seconds and I am grateful for that.

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