Tuesday, 29 December 2009

day the tenth

On the subject of things to be grateful for I woke up early this morning from yet another peculiar dream to a nice fresh cup of coffee a15 minutes before the furnace fix-it dude showed up. He's come to put a new regulator on the furnace because the old one didn't really take well to being saunafied when we had the hot water pipe burst.

While waiting and drinking my coffee I realised that we have an abundance. Of what? you might ask, of everything I reply.

I don't tend to set my expectations high but when I want and or need something it is there for me. It is a nice safe feeling. I enjoy this place in my life now very much because I had a space in my life where I had very little ( relatively speaking) and financial security was not something I knew. Now we are in this space where we can go shopping without having to count each and every penny tho the urge is still there. We can get what we need materialistically speaking but more than that there is a sense of fulfillment and love.

I have an abundance in my life of everything. Love, friendship, trust, respect, material goods and financial security. I am grateful for this abundance.

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