Saturday, 26 December 2009

day the seventh

This is kind of a two fold thankfulness post because I missed yesterday due to being with my husband's family for Christmas. I am deeply grateful for my families on both sides of the pond. Both are utterly different in nature but both are supportive and generous. I got truly lucky with my family in law and we spend Christmas with them every year instead of going to Canada. ( for anyone who has tried to fly home to Canada at this time of year will understand that)

Every year, despite my grumblings, I appreciate it more and more because every year as the parents get older the possibility of one of them not being around draws closer. We lost Marcus's grandmother on Christmas day 2 years ago and with my own father dying of cancer at 54 I understand that people you love vanish suddenly from your lives and you need to cherish the time you have with them while you have them.

So I am thankful for both my families.

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