Tuesday, 1 September 2009

And summer moved on...

Wow, I tend not to post here a lot any more for some reason, not sure why that is tho, maybe because more people I know hang out on live journal well what ever..here I am.

So I had surgery and it went okay. They cleared me out but now it's come back. My left ovary is giving me the old hurty owie exploding into an alien pain and I guess I have sort of had enough. So when the next surgery rolls around I am asking for a hysterectomy and to get rid of that ovary.

So tired of being in pain and tired.

whine wine whine... mmm wine....

Today being the 1st day of autumn was actually more like the last day of summer and I chose not to go to work today so that means I go in tomorrow. Today I chose instead to do copious amounts of laundry so it could dry in 40 seconds outside in the flappy happy wind and sun.

We bought new bedding at IKEA and found duvet covers that fit my North American Queen size ( oh yay) so now we have new stuff to sleep on and it is so pretty. I love ikea's stuff anyway. We are doing the barney room finally and we got billy shelves and some other shelf thing that also works as a low table/shelfy thing when you add legs to it. Will take pictures eventually.

now the sun has gone and we are awaiting the remnants of hurricane bill now called something else. Fine with em as well, means I won't be sweating tomorrow at work which is good because tomorrow the big patch of little test spots comes off my back and the marker goes on..not allowed to sweat that off till the doc has seen it.

Allergy testing is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun NOT.

Still writing away and almost done DOTE, will be weird to write The End but good also I think.

in the meantime I just wanted to say hi, still alive and be excellent to each other.

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