Monday, 21 July 2008

The coundown begins

I am trying to remember the name of a film I once saw which had a US Naval ship going back in time. Martin Sheen was in it. After searching via the internet I found it... The Final Countdown.

So why is this on my mind? I dunno but it was in my head when I woke up. It was a great movie, I remember LOVING it.

Lately my dreams have gone a little south, not surprising since in less than 3 months we are moving back up to North Germany. We have a house, the lease has been signed. This is a huge good thing because now we can plan for where things go. I find it interesting that in my head I already live in this house and that sometimes I find myself "walking" through it as I wake up, feeling the hard wood floors beneath my feet.

Now the race is on. I need to finish my last fanfic novel. I want that done before we leave. It has somehow been tied to living here and it needs to end here as well. I have to sort out the house, and weed out the real crap we don't want, so that when we do schlep all our junk back up to Trenthorst it is stuff we really want and not just junk we keep dragging with us.

I find myself up and down in the health front. The constant roller coaster that is peri-menopause is a rough hard ride. Friday I spent most of the day in bed because between the racing heart, the dizziness and the terrible sense of panic and dread I decided that sleep was the best thing. I needed it, though I didn't actually sleep I relaxed.

Our weekend was good, we junked stuff on Saturday and relaxed a lot, Sunday saw us in the garden weeding, mowing and sorting. It looks more garden like now and less jungle like. The cold wet spring and the continuing cool summer has not helped. The wine plants are scrubby and brown and the roses, which do not like so much rain are also not blooming much and needed to be cut back.

So here we are, moving again.

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