Tuesday, 17 June 2008


So no details yet.

They'll come, be patient. I know I have been, almost 4 years of patient...living in this place.

Not so bad but lonely, that is about to change. yay.

ON the other front I am into the third book of Daughter of the Empire for those of you not in the know, about half way home I think, I hope.

Yesterday I sorted through a box of photos, and then put them in a new box to be sorted out again later ...I saw many I wanted to scan in and post. mostly costume pictures from times earlier in my life when I had a platform for costuming and getting da hell outta dodge.

It's raining here, it's been raining here since April, almost non stop actually which I mostly don't mind it makes my terrible allergies easier to deal with but it is very unusual for such cold wet weather to happen in this place.

Supposed to get warm and sunny by Wednesday which means laundry day ( yay)

Yeah I have been a slacker when it comes to this blog, which is a shame.

until then, be excellent to each other.

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