Thursday, 13 March 2008


Our weather, this time of year is glorious. When it seems like everyone else is getting the rotten end of sheila's Brush we get warm föhn winds, crystal clear skies and brilliant sunlight, with just enough cool coming off the snowy mountains to make going out for a walk/ run enjoyable.

I am grateful for it because now that I seem to be addicted to getting the heck out of the house and running off some pent up energy, my writing has improved greatly.

Writing takes up so much time, who'd have thunk it? I spend hours and hours editing right now, and then more hours writing the new stuff... not to mention the other little bits and pieces that get done in between along with the house worky stuff and the contemplation of the art projects which I need to get a leg up on, none btw are SCA related which is a good thing.

It seems that as far as the SCA is concerned I am in serious down time. I know I go through these phases and after 4 straight years of a pretty busy and interesting office, as well as mass production of scrolls I had to stop and take a break. People will think this is typical, she get's her laurel and then buggers off, but IDC what others think and when I am ready I will be back, I have been in this hobby for 2o odd years, believe me interest comes and goes.

Anyway the latest distraction has been screen shop manipulation in photoshop.

Here is the latest one, I like it but it needs work still.

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