Wednesday, 19 March 2008


There are way too many things taking up way too much time that I want to and need to get done.
How the hell did I get so busy and still manage to feel as though I accomplish nothing?

Can we have more hours in the day please?

*grumble* back to writing and other time consuming things.

On another giggly note.... we are headed to Jedi Con, big star wars themed SciFi con in Düsseldorf, the last time I went to a con was in Dartmouth NS and there I met David Prowse ( OMG) which was started the whole daughter of the empire nonsense...who knew??? This photo is take from Wolfcon (I think), or something along those lines in Halifax .... this was me in one of my many Vampire outfits. It's like at least 10 years ago...but what is SUPER scary is I still have that vest, those boots and the sunglasses and the teeth. Lost a chunk of weight since then tho...

Oh yay for the past and all its silliness.

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