Thursday, 31 January 2008

news from the dark side...

So I decided to try and keep this blog for more of my art side than my whine side and lo and behold...NOTHING happens.

Of course it is hard to post pictures of writing and the art work has suffered due to various real life issues.

Some updates. The top painting from the below post sold and anotehr was commissioned. ( way cool)

I have a couple of interesting commissions on top of that ( nothing payingbut who knows) one is for family and the other is an SCA thing. Not sure about what to do with the SCA thing but I guess I will let my sleepy brain work on that.

My first month as Un-signet has been too damned busy to enjoy. Real life snuck in and took over ( how about that?) I have not gotten a jump on anything I wanted to do, including my very significant backlog of scrolls which I promised people I would do yay me.

Randy Aspulund is coming over for Double wars but i am not sure we'll get up there to be at the this event. I know people want me there and have even offered finacial aid if that's the issue, it isn't, though .

The issue as always is time. Marcus is working like mad and is these days more often than not away. Last weekend , this weekend and next weekend though next weekend I get to go with so not so bad.

In between there is my massive avoidance of house work which then piles up forcing me to take time out of my gaming schedule to clean. Bah!! I don'tthink a day has gone by where I have not done at least 1 load of laundry. Of course the fact that we brought back 4 laundry baskets worth of linnen from my husband's recently deceased grand mother's house did not improvethis situation lots but I don't complain as it is good to have extra bed linnens in the house.

So... not much on the art front, not that I have felt much like being artsy. I spend far too much time trying to get my ass off this chair to go and do something aerobic to get my heart rate up so that it can go down again because it is apparantly too high while I am having my BP taken at the doctor's. Yeah... my heart races... that's because I am scared witless or atthe very least as nervous as a lab bunny, Duh! Still exersize doesn't hurt so I do it anyway and try to keep my mind off the ohmygodwtf is happening to me... no biggie says my obs-gyn...just normal after 40 woman hormone process thing.... It's fun when your body goes binky! and believe me it goes binky in a big bad way!

The book, by the way, is slowly coming together. Funny how this one is the hardest of all to do. I so want to be done. Three books written in 3 years that's actually pretty good and even though no massive publishing companies are knocking down my door I think it is quite an accomplishment. Ihave loyal readers who seem to enjoy what I am doing which is in itself incredibly rewarding. ( You know who you are ...THANK YOU)

The weather here is pleasant.
The pace of life is slow-ish.

yay life!

Until then, be excellent to each other.

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