Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Two worlds and the inbetween...

less than 4 weeks till Christmas. I will say this right off the bat...I hate Christmas. I am a confirmed scroogette. So... no christmas spirit here... it is just anothe rone of those loud commercial times of year full of too many expectations and too many dashed hopes. I gave up on Christmas a long time ago. Much prefer halloween.

Still, in Europe it means Christmas markets which I DO look forward to, glühwein and Thüringers from the Hamburg Market on the Rathaus Platz mmmmmmmmmmm yummy. All the gorgous little stands especially the hand made things...

No real markets here in the land that time forgot. No real anything here except mountains, plenty of those...

Yesterday we had sweeping Föhn winds, dried everything up inc my laundry yay. But today no more howling dry winds, it's sunny and misty all at the same time. Sleepy as only a valley here can be. It doesn't look or feel Christmasy it feels like late October.

So what's new? Not terribly much. SCA university was two weekends ago. Was a good event by my standards which means I wasn't sick, I didn't get stressed out and no migraines. The feast food was very good, the scriptorium accomplished stuff and scribes were patted on the back!

I saw things that made me proud to be a part of this club and things that made me shake my head in disgust. In a few weeks I step down as an officer and am right gald to to so. Four years is a long time to serve although it went very quickly and I loved my job. I enjoyed being the keeper of secrets and geting to know the amazingly talented scribes in this kingdom.

Speaking of talent, Nerissa showed her portfolio and as I looked at her art work I really do have to wonder how in the name of all that's holy did I ever get to be considered laurel worthy? I question this every single day. Probably should have said no, but in the end maybe I can still do some more good as one than not. Mostly it has me bewildered.

Still .... four years is enough and I am stepping down to go one to quieter things and maybe catch up on my backlog of scrolls I promised I would do. Be nice to do stuff without a deadline attached for a while.

On the other side of the galaxy, am still seriously playing SWG. There have been changes in the guild but that is to be expected, people leave people join, it's normal. We role play Imperials so that's not for everyone. It is a good place though for me, I almost always find someone to chat with in game, which alleviates the lonliness of living here in what I am sure is a version of hell. I am pretty sure that hell isn't all fire and brimstone, it's sheer boredom and isolation from eveything one loves.

Both M and I need to get our asses in gear. We have become complacent, bored / boring. Our house is a box full of stuff we keep saying we will eventually sort out and never do. I feel as though I am drowning in junk. So we have a to do list and a must have /must get rid of list and maybe we'll even follow through, who knows.

In the meantime I have a book to write and laundry and housework to catch up on. I am getting another cold and my period just started which explains the miserable blues from yesterday. Oh yay for hormones.

until then be excellent to each other.

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