Monday, 12 November 2007


If anyone has seen my enthusiasm and ambition can they please send it back to me?

I can't believe Christmas is just over a month away and I could care less. ( gotta find a shovel to dig me out of this apathy hole I seem to have fallen into)

Question: Where did this year go?
Answer: It simply vanished in a menopausal haze of self pity and depression. I swear 2008 WILL be better, it has to be.

now if I can just deal with the night sweats, the awful headaches, crashing fatigue and sudden inexplicable angst!

and just as an aside, the 21st ofthis month is my wedding anniversary.... I will have been married a whole 7 years. Am amazed and delighted that I love Marcus even more now than I did at the begining if that is possible.

in the mean time I have stuff to do for Kingdom university. Well at least it is not sitting onfront of the computer gaming! ( omg I have turned into one of THOSE people)

hugs and kisses to all.

until then, be excellent to each other.

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