Wednesday, 7 November 2007

It's been a while

I am a lazy ass poster these days. Mostly because I have nothing to say. Yes, oh shock and horror to all my friends who know me JUST TOO WELL, I am actually not saying much at all.

Well, here's the deal. Menopause is really a pause. I am still trying to figure out what sort of a pause because that part seems to fluctuate over time. My desire to vanish into the virtual has been put on hold by a series of utterly and sadly unforgetable headaches which devestate my brain, make me puke my guts and and have my neck and shoulders aching for days. Oh yeah holding your mouse and clicking can make you very sick. So I need to crop my SWG game time down by at least half... ( ugh.) Well that's okay it will mean I get other stuff done, oh I dunno know like laundry???

The writing has begun in full, that is I finally know where I am going with this, jeeze took ya long enough right?? Yeah yeah gimme another week and I'll start the two times a week posting again, promise, well sort of promise...

It's November, all the fall colours are in full bloom here, it's still warm when the sun shines but cold at night. It sometimes even smells like autumn, the biggest give away are all the spiney balls rolling about the place as the chestnuts fall off the trees... castani in Italian for all you linguists. They look like little green rolled up hedgehogs... If I was even remotely motivated I'd collect them so we coudl roast them over our fire.. for which we have yet to get wood. Motivation is... yep lacking in this house of computers and dust bunnies...

What is there to say? We've been here just about three years and I still feel as though I moved in yesterday. Italian is almost as much of a mystery now as it was when I first started taking lessons and I still do not know a single soul locally to go and have coffee and girl chat with ( even if I could do the girl chat thing in italian which I can't)

Motivation... it lacks.

I am not motivated to get out of bed half the time, though I do. Someone has to close the garage door in the morning after my sweetheart goes to work. I told him though, this's making me old. According to my italian teacher I am not the only one who feels this way. oh so pretty it is here but damned it sucks the frigging soul right out of you.

I'd miss stuff sure but I'd move back to civilization in a heart beat. God just to be able to go shopping in a place that does not simply cater to wealthy tourists with too much money and not enough common sense.

Swiss quality.... yep so far eveything we have bought here has broken. The extension power bars nearly caused a fire and the expensive watch we bought for M's birthday last year has not kept proper time since six weeks after he started to wear it despite battery changes and getting 'looked at'. Even the house we live in which I might add was brand spanking new when we moved in is now falling apart, with walls leaking and cracking, etc.... I gotta tell you made in Switzerland for me means DON'T buy it. This is sad.

still the weather is nice, most of the time.

I did get new glasses.

in Germany.

finally. I didn't really like the nana mouskouri glasses that every single eyewear shop here sold. I look dorky enough thanks...

so what else is new? Not really all that much. I had a cold I got over it. I get headaches I get over them too. Marcus is off to Germany tonight to fix some problem somewhere and I will wait like a puppy until he gets back safe and sound here with me.

His being away does mean I get to eat tuna fish and cheese!

but I'd rather he was here.

Halloween came and went. I was sad. It makes me homesick. I really miss my friends and home... well home....

I am homesick for a clock that tells the right time ... says Suzanne Vega in a song I once heard. That sums it up.

which clock? Which home?

no idea.

Not this one though, that's for sure.

We've been here three years and it still is not home. Time to find one I guess.

in the mean time, I get back to the waiting words. Coruscant, merly, thrawn and all that craziness.

until then, be excellent to each other.

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