Saturday, 16 June 2007


Yesterday was just wild. I watched as HUGE thunder storms moved across the valley ( little valley) we live in. They rumbled their way up the hills to vanish over into the next valley with the biggest amount of bang and flash possible. The sky was that weird tornado green colour and the noise was fantastic. I watched clouds form in front of my eyes, it looked as though the world was on speed. Just wow!

It has been like this all week. The day starts off warm, bring and sunny and gradually goes into humid, oppressive and rumbley. The end result being fabulous thunder storms that soak the garden and silence the birds. Yesterday was the crown and today we woke up to crisp clean skies, that brilliant brittle blue that says the air has dried up and cool breezes.

Last weekend we were in Germany for Coronation ( SCA stuff) and got to watch as one of my best friends and household mates was elevated into the Order of the pelican - a service oriented part of the Medieval society. She has worked long and hard and deserved this award, contrary to some of the rumbling I have heard out there in blogland. I won't get into the rant here but you can read my thoughts on that particular stupidity on the LJ blog if you feel so inclined.

Coronation was a really nice event. It was small because a LOT of people didn't come and intimate for the same reason. The politics was at an all time low and for the first time in ages I was well the whole event through. The weather was utterly fantastic and I got to spend time chatting and laughing with people I don't usually get to hang out with, which was incredibly nice.

The down side of the fabulous weather was I and some others had no desire to sit indoors in a scriptorium. Which means there were some projects I would have liked to have done that sat in my box of stuff to do. Oh well. Next time.

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment for a replacement filling. I was utterly terrified ( years of conditioning and pain) and my poor new dentist just shook his head. I am 41 but when I sit in the dentist's chair I feel like I am 6 again. They always always say now this won't hurt and it always always does. this time despite the massive freezing in my mouth, was no exception. Just that it wasn't the replacement of the filling that hurt but rather the dental damn thing that gets clamped on a tooth to keep the tooth being worked on dry. Well it frigging hurts like hell when it gets clamped on your gum! OW! Like I said... I don't believe the 'this won't hurt a bit' routine any more because it does and I freak out. But I do like my dentist who was patient and understanding. I Was very glad to get home, feeling sheepish and silly for my fears , to go crawl under one of my mum's quilts and snooze. Panicking always makes me sleepy.

Today is a shopping day.Then a tidy the house a bit day, then a get more signety stuff done tonight while my super husband vanishes in to the world of Star wars galaxies.

The menopause crap has taken a pause while I get my now every second month period but this time there was NO cramps OMG first time in years but the obligatory morning sickness - vomiting nonsense that has recently begin with the onset of said period was so very present. I will be glad when my body finally decides what it really wants to do. In the mean time I truck on with the general weirdness that seems to come with that getting older crap' and hope that all the workings keep working the way they are supposed to. I still that 41 is a bit young to be going through all this but that is a genetic thing so....can't fight it just have to accept it and move along home.

In the meanwhile I am pumping it up every day to the new Cathy Smith dvds I bought - wow they make you work. It's fun I guess. It beats jogging which I loath!

so off I go to start my day.

Until then, be excellent to each other!

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  1. Hi Merly,

    popping in to catch up :)

    that thunder storm sounds amazing. It's actually raining here at the moment! wihich is such a novelty for us here, and also a relief as we are all hoping that this worst drought in 100 years has finally brocken..but we are all still holding our breath. On the positive side the whole country has gone to a huge effort to change its water usage patterns.

    I love seeing the photos from the SCA events, they look very beautiful indeed.

    don't you just hate politics!

    Still thinking of you,
    all my love,

    xxxxxxs and oooooos


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