Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Whine without cheese

Update - okay so it's pouring outside ( happy dance of joy) and the allergies have calmed down nicely and I have stopped whining.

Feel totally free to utterly ignore the following, I wrote it early this morning when I felt like crap!

I am exhausted.

It's been two weeks straight of seriously sucky serio9usly unmanageable hayfever and I am just exhausted. My standard antihistemines take the slight edge off it but really don't actually do a lot. I ran out of the Boiron hayfever homeopathic pellet things and trying to find replecements here is a real chore. Inbetween this are the rest of the stupid issues that keep cropping up in my life, the peri menopause stuff, the screwed up wrist stuff and a bunch of other little things that are just pissing me off.

>:-( <---- this is me annoyed at me!

It's exhausting being unwell in small but constant ways, but allergy / hayfever is the suckiest and so here I am whining about it. - whine-

well I know I am being a moaning mope so ... feel free to ignore,this is just me blowing off steam about shit I can't control much. It would be better if I wasn't being woken up at 3am with the desperate desire to sneeze my frigging face off. Ugh!

My inlaws come today to stay till Monday and while I adore them I am just too tired to deal with a visit today so I am hoping to nap before they show so I will be more sociable. Tired, pmsy, blah!

(NB: I am thrilled to see them though and it will be nice!)

I hope it rains today like the weather dudes keep promising because that will take the sting out of the allergies.

Still, we got the house looking nice and tidy. mostly except the den which always looks fairly pit like, but that's the room we tend to live in. On sat we bought a new dvt box the old one just decided to die so we are once again back in TV land ( 4 channels) but at least M's dad can watch the news in german now.

The wrist thing is slowly getting better but it still twinges and hurts, don't want to push it. The rollerblade brace helps but it isn't all that comfortable for long term wear which means trying to find something more appropriate here in middle of nowhere land. *sigh*.

I'd find some sort of up note to end this whinge fest on but I can't. I'm tired and cranky and the computer keeps crashing. I have two big scrolls I need to get done and I am running out of time.
So.. the solution is a nice long soak in the tub before the inlaws come and take over our bedroom with the main bathroom .

until then , be excellent to each other.

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