Wednesday, 16 May 2007

the ups and downs of being me

So, yesterday I had my ECG. I waited almost an hour for about 3 minutes worth of test. It was okay thoughthat hour allowed me to calm down from my usual manic nervous state I always seem to find myself in when I go to the doctor's. I got a look at the results and from what i coudl see everything looked just fine. I remember loving studying ecg stuff when I studied animal medicine. My heart beat was regluar with no apparant weirdness. I will get the full results on the 29th.

I feel a lot calmer about it all now though. I am late for my period and all the symptoms I experience are definately on the 34 symptoms for perimenopaus. Fun. My allergies have calmed down except the itchy eyes which are driving my bonkers. It doesn't help that today in difference to yesterday it is very dry, incredibly sunny and windy with Nordföhn. A warm dry wind that brings all kinds of allgery much with it as it sweeps down off the Alps. - oh joy-

I am working on two scrolls at moment. One is based on the Grande Heurs of jean duc de berry- it's big with a shit load of gold work and billions on teeny weeny leaves and flowers. and the other is based loosely on a 'squashed bug' style. It's very ... well.. loud. And it's is more complicated than I would have liked. It is the first time I have done one of these so it is a huge learning curve for me. I have third large scroll on my plate but I am still trying to decide what to do for it. I am going to drag my scribal stuff up to Germany this time around so I can do some work in the hotel. I feel like I am running out of time but of course that is not really the case.

For those of you reading DOTE: The writing has taken a back bench atm. I can't stare at the computer screen too long and up until last week the allergies made it hard to even sit long. But I have been writing down snips and snaps in my note book for when the time comes to sit and write for real. I decided I really needed a bit of a break. I wrote book 1 and 2 basically back to back. The ideas are there and while book3 is pretty much bare bones ideas, I know where I am going with it. the plan is to start publishing again in August.

Not much else. It looks like we may get our new car today! - how very exciting though a bit sad too. Our Opel Astra has been a good car. It only broke down once in 10 years. In it we have driven all over europe. To sweden, to Czech, to italy, to holland, denmark, all over germany, through switzerland, Austria and there is a lot of history in this car. I am glad I will not be there when Marcus hands over the keys, I would cry a little bit. Funny how I tend to ascribe human feelings to an inanimate object. Hopefully the new car will be as reliable. She is also an Opel Astra.

Anyway, that is it for me. Doing some laundry because while the föhn winds are sucky for allergies it does mean laundry dries in record times! Gotta take advantage of this.

Back to the painting !!

Until then, be excellent to each other!

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