Sunday, 13 May 2007

reliving the past - time travel at its best!

When I was a child and we lived in Scotland Saturdays were ruled by Doctor Who. I loved Doctor Who.

The first Doctor I recall was John Pertwee. He was magnificent and I adored him so when he 'died' and regenerated into Tom Baker who was at first very different I wasn't happy. However it didn't take log for Tom Baker to win over my heart and become 'the Doctor! Jellybaby anyone?

When we left Scotland for Canada we left Doctor Who behind because CBC didn't carry it and CBC was all we had.

Now some genius has brought the Doctor back. I am thrilled because it is everything I loved and more.

I just thought I would share about this show because it rocks. Now I want to collect all the dvds and rewatch the campy excellent shows that I loved as a child.

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