Tuesday, 29 May 2007

It's official

I am in menopause.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry but at least now I know why i have been going all crazy.

everything else is okay but I do need to move my ass a bit more and get my pulse down.

wow. I knew this was happening but now it's official it makes me a bit sad. 41 is a bit young for this.

well it could be worse.

until then, be excellent to each other


  1. Yup--a bit early--but at least you know what is happening now. And hopefully there will be some things that will work for you to mitigate some of the ups and downs of it. Let me know what works--I'll need it soon enough. Take care. L.

  2. through a crazy route of reading a blog from australia that I found from reading a blog from ny (or was it oregon?) I found your blog and methinks another kindred spirit and another source of some inspiration! your geographical journeying has been incredible and speaking of inspiration has nurtured talent!

    regarding your current musings, you do seem a bit on the early end of 'the crone-ing' but focus all the powerful images in that transition we women experience. as in most things there's no 'timetable' - but perhaps living in switzerland one is conditioned to expect there should be! ;-) thank you for brightening the blogosphere. I look forward to lots of nibbles

  3. Hej

    L: yeah sucky or what. So far I don't seem to need anything except magnesium :) ( can live with that am even off the crazy pills)

    Kimy: Thank you for your realyl kind words and encouragement. Now that I actually know what is going on with me I can handle it SOOOOO much better.
    I don't know about the time table thing here, due to my circumstances time is elusive and unimportant except for when my husband is due to come home.

    Will try to be better at updating my blog now that I actually feel human for the most part!

    cheers and hugs
    Kindred spirits are always welcome!

  4. Well, since I'm now 55 and still waiting for the end of periods (many signs of perimenopause but the main event is still all too much with me), I reflect on the fact that averages are made up of extremes at either end. So we seem to be the bookends.

    Glad you're feeling better.



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