Wednesday, 11 April 2007


This morning I am posting from Carsten's house in Heusenstamm. We drove to here last Thursday to over night then on Friday drove up to Hamburg ( Pinneberg) to stay with the inlaws ( whom I adore). On Saturday was Leo's wedding and it was just perfect. Jaqueline was the vision of beauty and Leo was all jitters and smiles. The kiddies were total aufgeregt! Boy have they grown.
After the Elbe boat trip and wedding we all followed the horse and carriage back to Leo's and partied... well the adults partied, Marcus and I ( and Jacob) were all inducted into the Padewan school and through hard training with light sabers became Jedi knights, it is the first wedding reception I have fought with light sabers and run around like a mad thing. It was very fun.

Sunday was easter dinner with the inlaws and was also very nice, in the evning we just hid upstairs and watched mindless tv.

Monday we said goodbye to the folks and drove to Ahrensberg to stay 1 nght in a hotel. Once we were checked in we made the trip into Hamburg to wander around DOM ( this is a three times a year fair, with rides and stalls etc... it is HUGE) We wandered around teh Hexendorf ( witch village) and I got to do some archery ( 5 arrows for 2 euro), 40lb bow. Was fun I have bruises though.

and then Tuesday was by ACER and then we got on the go. The trip down wasn't so great I had super bad heart burn and got nausious( car sick) I never get car sick! So I was so glad when we reached here and the car could stop moving.

On the health side of things the magnesium is helping me. The muscle twitching, general nausea, heart paliptations etc..have all calmed right down. Yay for electrolytes.

so soon we will get on the go to head home....

until then be excellent to each other

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  1. the wedding sounded fun :) my sister is getting married in June, not long now and I'm a brides maid..but the dress is really beautiful. It will only be the second wedding I've ever been too.

    glad to hear the magnesium is helping :)

    xxxs and ooos


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