Friday, 20 April 2007


This is me. These pictures werwe all taken within the last 6 years. I have not really changed a whole lot physically speaking. My hair gets greyer, and the usual signs of aging creep in but mostly I stay the same.
I am doing this so that the friends I have made out there in internet land can see what I actually look like. I don't generally have a lot of me photos but as I get older I value the ability to see where I was and who I was and where I go to. Kinda cool.
The first image is me at the Anne Leanowens gallery at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, setting up my solo show.

This is me with Max ( the lemur and favoured travelling companion) at the airport when I left canada to move to Germany. Note the patriotic t-shirt! Note: Max has beenmore coutries and travlled more than I have because he goes withMarcus on every business trip.
The photo below was part of a polaroid doccumentation project, I took polaroids every day almost the entire semester. This one is of me all decked out to go dancing with one of my best friends, Andrea- she is the one who took the picture.

This is me in the apartment in Ahrensburg with our part time cat poopsie. Poopsie belonged to the neightbours who lived next door, we were the only two apartments under the roof of this particular apartment building. Poopsie would walk the gutterlane between his balcony and out livingroom window to come visit. He was a mostly pliable happy cat who enjoyed having an 'aunt and uncle' to visit. I love cats but my husband is allergic so we don't have any.

so this is me.

Until then be excellent to each other!

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