Saturday, 21 April 2007

100 things about me

while browsing Carmi's blog which is extraordinary I came across this meme thing which I found interesting.

100 things about me.
Assorted random facts. I ponderd a bit if I could even come up 100 random interesting things about me.

1. I was born in Scotland on a Monday. Apparantly there was snow on the ground.
2. When I was about two years old I lived in NorthWest River, Labrador - Canada.
3. We moved back to Scotland and lived in Glasgow.
4. I learned to read very late and was in remedial reading classes.
5. The first book I remember reading on my own was Naughty Amelia Jane by Enid Blyton.
6. When I was 13 I read the Lord of the Rings and knew that I wanted to be a writer.
7. At the age of ten, we emmigrated to Canada for 'good' to St. Anthony, Newfoundland.
8. I had the ring finger and my pinky finger broken there because I spoke with a Scottish accent.
9. The pinky finger is, to this day, crooked.
10. I know how to build an igloo.
11. I love to sail but I get very sea sick, I love to sail anyway.
12. My father died from cancer at the age of 54. I still miss his scent.
13. When I was ten I was hit by a car. There were no broken bones, but some bruises.
14. In highschool I learned to love school.
15. I went to QEH in Halifax, this year the school I loved will be torn down.
16. I wrote my first book at the age of 13. I illustrated in myself. It's terrible but I am still very proud of it, Finishing it was a huge accomplishment.
17. I have seen the Northern lights, they sing to me.
18. I have precognative dreams. When I don't pay attention -shit happens.
19. When I was in my mid-late teens I read a book called Messages from Michael. It changed my life.
20. I believe that a man and a woman can JUST be friends and I have proved this over and over again.
21. I met my husband through the internet. he is not an axe murderer, he is a gentle kind loving soul.
22. We played on line in a star wars club called the Imperial Order, we were and still are Imperials.
23. I absolutely embrace technology, it fascinates me.
24. William Giboson is one of my favourite authors. He replied to a letter I once wrote.
25. I don't drive the car even though I have a valid license. It scares me.
26. I have the most ecclectic group of friends in the world and I love them all dearly.
27. I am part of a world wide medieval society. We dress up and play make believe. It's fun.
28. I know how to make my own ink.
29. I can start fires from left over coals.
30. The smell of woodsmoke reminds me of home.
31. I loath cigarette smoke.
32. I am not a party animal but I have been known to go wild.
33. I do not understand war.
34. I am the oldest of three.
35. I am the only one of my family to not live in Nova Scotia.
36. I am unafraid to move to a different country.
37. I dislike selfishness of spirit and being mean for the sake of it.
38. I think guns in the hands of lay people should be banned and gun laws strict and upheld.
39. I love that the internet is bring peopel together, that I have made a lot of really good friends with people I have never seen face to face.
40. I trained to be an animal health technologist.
41. I walked away from that life because it was incredibly painful to kill healthy animals simply because people no longer wanted them.
42. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a bond my brother and I share deeply.
43.I can almost recite, word for word the entire film Serenity.
44. People who do not say thank-you irritate the crap out of me.
45. Good manners seems to be a thing of the past, the ruder the world becomes the more I counter that way of being.
46. I go to see a Cranial Sacral therapist.
47. He is helping me heal my spirit.
48. I love him deeply for his open kindness.
49. I collect teddy bears, actually I rescue them.
50. I can be horribly smug.
51. I think that sex is fun not something to be ashamed of, but it took me a long tiime to figure this out.
52. Naked bodies be it male or female are beautiful not sinful and I hate that society does this to us.
53. I can be incredibly stubborn.
54. I still want to learn to speak Russian and welsh.
55. My husband astonishes me with his insights and his love.
56. I am a lazy house keeper.
57. I love Star Wars but I dislike what the franchise has become.
58. I love reading.
59. I make art out of broken computer bits.
60. I love watching crows.
61. I relax by taking along hot bath and reading a book.
62. I can shoot a bow. (40 - 50 lbs) if you really want to know.
63. I am not afraid of heights but wasps send me screaming.
64. When I was a kid I hated brussel sprouts, now I love them.
65. I rarely laugh.
66. I have a very odd sense of humour.
67. The moment just before the dawn is one of the most exquisite moments in time.
68. I have flown in float/ bush planes.
69. I have also flown in helicopters.
70. I have a dirty mind, I blame it on monty python and being british. (And I am not ashamed of it at all!)
71. I am allergic to tree pollen and grasses so spring is FUN!
72. I believe in reincarnation.
73. I also believe in karma.
74. I did and still do not want children.
75. This does not make me a bad woman this makes me a responsible one.
76. I love to tell stories by the firelight.
77. I can belly dance.
78. I can also dance a jig and "Running the Goat"!
79. In my heart St. John's is home.
80. I have sung in public many times.
81. My favourite drink is a good cup of tea. Red Rose, milk no sugar.
82. I love tuna melts.
83. My husband is an excellent cook.
84. I am a crappy chess player but I like playing anyway.
85. I know how to play a flute.
86. I love roses and I grow them. I speak with them everyday.
87. I love reptiles. Our garden is full of little lizards.
88. I can swim.
89. I can speak German fluently.
90. I am amazed and proud of my family.
91. I miss girl's night out with my girl friends.
92. Fish and chips!
93. I love mashed potatos!!!!!
94. I can ride a horse, I do know what end is what!
95. my friends inspire me.
96. I like to wear dresses and skirts.
97. I live in a house with a glass roof, I don't throw stones :-)
98. We have tropical fish.
99. I named them all fred.
100. I can't believe I sat and wrote this!

add: 101 - I can't type either.


  1. I absolutely loved this list (and you're much too kind, BTW.) There are so many entries that I can so relate to. I think this will require a second read in the morning.

  2. I found it extraordinarily difficult to write, to be honest. 100 more or less interesting things about me...hmmmm. IT isn't as if I don't think I am interesting but listing these facts was like having to take a microscope to my own self and see beneath the fairy glam ( so to speak). I just do what I do.

    Your blog IS amazing. You have a beautiful way of presenting the world around you through images of the most ordinary exalting them to something beautiful and amazing. I keep meaning to get around to linking to yuor blog, but I am lazy with my own link updates!

    and...I should add Nice virtually meet you!


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