Wednesday, 21 March 2007

This is the ONE half decent photo I have of the elevation ceremony. I am giving my green belt back to Master Harold and I have to tell you that was hard. Lady Elise, from Ruantallan made it for me, she stamped the tip with a seated wolf and I was sore put to give it back. Ritual.

I thought I'd share this picture...if I can get more that don't look like massive blurs of colour then I will post them. I need a better digi cam, my minolta is almost 6 or so years old now. It's cranky and comparatively slow. Since there is a no flash rule during court, getting decent shots requires better speeds.


you get the idea.
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  1. Bummer ! And you 'drape' so nicely from the back ...

    Note to self : Should -it- ever happen to me, somebody's got to make sure there's a designated photographer ...


  2. Did anyone else take photos? But on congrats on your laurel :)

  3. Thanks you two, yeah I am sure there are more pictures out there I just have to ask and I know there is a video of everything. Just a bummer that our stupid digi cam is not terribly co operative.
    Part of the problem is the no flash at court rule, while Iunderstand it , it does make it hell of a hard thing to get decent pictures of that special moment!


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