Sunday, 11 March 2007

Spring in North Germany

This is what one sees in North Germany in spring, fields and fields of rhaps or Rape ( Canola for the North Americans). There is nothing like it anywhere, these brilliant yellow fields which almost seem to glow when the sun shines. When the flowers give off their pollen the air is filled with a shimmer of gold ( not so great for allergies) but it really pretty to see and the air smells like honey!Here, in Ticine, these fields are not around and I miss it. What we do have here is Magnolia trees which are NOW in full bloom and later on in the summer jasmine which scents the air like exotic perfume.

I miss the rhaps fields though.This year we have not had winter. No winter at all. It hasn't been that cold, we only had a sprinkle of snow once and hardly any rain. And yeah I know, the frozen Canadians among you will be saying lucky you, but really not so lucky. No cold winter means a spring and summer filled with bugs. Already I have an ant invasion in my bathroom. ( solved with lavender oil once I found where they were coming from) . The garden has gone nuts, the roses are growing and so are the weeds. The lizards are very happy though, lots of sunny days for them to bask in. Our gardening disturbs them a lot. Get used to it guys!

The last week has been up and down. I miss my friend L, who was here and the house seems big and empty with no one to chatter with during the day. We vanished up to Nürnberg for a couple of days which was nice, and then came home and life went back to normal. I struggle with the last few chapters of the second dote book, and try to get the SCA work done as well as house stuff and anything else that requires doing.

In between battling pms ( hell is in the house) and watching 3rd rock from the sun. We bought the dvd set and I am glad we did, what a silly funny show. My only complaint is that there could have and should have been way more specials on the dvds. Would have loved to have seen a blooper reel, more interviews etc... still not complaining.

For several weeks the show has made us laugh, sometimes to tears. I was sad when we watched the last episode, but then again, we have the dvds so .. hey we can start all over again!!!Not much else is going on. Gearing up to drive to Germany for an SCA event which will be very fun as lots of friends including a couple from the US will be there. My scrolls are done and I am now working on backlog and presents stuff. I have discovered though that scrolls kill my back I need to find a better way to sit.... or rather I need to unclench my muscles when I do scroll work. grip of death... yeah baby yeah!

We head back up to Nürnberg maybe in April and then to North Germany for a wedding, in May we have my folks in law coming in June my sister inlaw coming and then we head up to Lübeck to attend coronation.

In the mean time I am kicking myself for screwing up an ebay auction ( that is I was so engressed in chatting I forgot to bid grrrrrrrrrrrr *slaps head many many times*) and keeping my eyes open for new ones. I am obsessed with pen nibs. Probably I could auktion off some of the ones I have already ( lots of certain kinds I don't actually use) It is a bit like the sewing machine phase though... ( now I have like 8 sewing machines I don't use....) I get quite OCD about certain things and have to collect them, so losing and forgetting to bid on auctions is NOT a bad thing, I mean really HOW many pen nibs can one person use?

Okay I like to give them away to my scribes...sharing is good, but I will only be signet for another 8 or so months so after that.... who knows...anyway...

the sun is shining, we have had föhn winds for 2 days and the static in the air is horrible, this stupid wind dries everything up including my skin. I feel like a raisin. I hope we get some rain soon, the garden really, really needs it.

and there y'all go and update...

until then, be excellent to each other!
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  1. That was a good catch up post :) if you don't like bugs then Brisbane Australia is not for you. Ants come in from all direction, teeny, tiny green bugs deside that you are the continent for them, and moths and Flies (lots of horrid flies) that just buzz around and around the flight part right by your ear!! Gekos (foreign invader lizards) have fights on the walls while thankfully keeping the bugs a bay....we should really get fly screens or something. lol.

    3rd Rock from the Sun was a really funny series.

    haha, how about forgetting to bid! I had to snicker just a bit :-P

    How many pen nibs do you have now? and 8 sewing machines! I only have one!

    I love magnolia trees and Jasmin sounds soo nice. You'd better get in and weed that garden before you get another note in the mailbox from your neighbours about it!!

    thinking of you,
    xxxxs and oooos


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