Sunday, 4 February 2007

Watchingthe news is bad for your mental health

Day two in the new virtual home. Like most new homes it has its “issues”. Like setting up a feed. I don’t actually understand this feed thing so bear with me on this if it doesn’t work. I am a geek who disassembles not a geek who codes.

It’s Sunday, and we are sitting at our computers, reading the various forums we subscribe to, watching news casts via itunes or websites ( RTL (German) and CTV (Canadian). Not sure if watching the news is healthy or not, it seems to me that mostly it is gloom and doom.

I am astonished at the general stupidity and cruelty of the world at large. Mostly this comes from the reports about the environment. I love it when fat cat politicians sit and say “It’s not our fault, we don’t contribute that much to the problem”

*sigh* - Dude do you drive a car? If the answer is yes then YOU contribute to global warming.

The messages is IT IS YOUR FAULT, it is ALL of our faults. But if we all just stop thinking about our own gain and concentrating on our greed then maybe we could actually do something positive about it.

-you know- just a thought!

The title of the blog comes from my desire to help rather than hinder. The recycling aspect is from my use of DEAD computer bits to create art…

re-cycled paintings

The use, abuse and throw away attitude has got to end.

Recycle, turn down your heat, or your Air conditioning, don’t run water while you brush your teeth, don’t idle your car while you are waiting for something, choose smart packaged items over stupid packaging. Don’t junk your old electronics ( especially computers) take them to be A: repaired, B: to a place that refurbishes and resells, C: or donate to red cross or other causes if the thing still works.

What ever it takes, just do it!
Every little bit helps.

Be positive that we can make this change.

Until then, be excellent to each other.

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