Friday, 9 February 2007


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I ran away to sea. I worked on tall ships and boats for a while. I needed to find myself. I knew what and who other people wanted me to be but I wasn't sure about who I wanted to be.

It was a hard journey and I discovered that there were some serious things I needed to change and some things about myself which are amazing.

The things I needed to change I have and still am. This is hard work and it takes a while...actually it takes a lifetime.

The things that are amazing I strengthen and hold on to. They are what make my life extraordinary, which it is.

While I was on this journey I had a dream, well I had many actually...but this particular dream which I don't remember ended with me waking up to a voice in my each which whispered..

Be thou a blythe spirit, of bright and cheerful countenance.

Never were more truer of fitting words spoken. It is the best bit of advice I have ever heard and I do try to follow it.

On my sea journey I came to see that I dictate my own fate. I create my own reality and my own universe. I have pretty much always known this but it's one thing to subconciously know this, and another to actually realise it and use it.

The things I recall the most about this time in my life are the people I met, one of which has remained an extraordinary friend, a person I love dearly and am eternally grateful to have in my life.

Also I recall the nature. The world around us. Being on a small boat in the middle if the Atlantic at night looking at the stars which had never seemed so bright...thinking it is pretty amazing that I am a part of all of this. Swimming in the deepsest part of the ocean, in water that was bath warm, with rolly polly waves and salty to the taste.

I do remember being sea sick...but like most things it passed.

I also remember how wonderfully wild the ocean can be. ( The boat goes UP the waves go down...the waves go UP the boat goes down...)

This is my life, which unfolds it's secrets like a book. Telling stories, making believe, making me believe.

I do.

This magical world whispers its wonders to us every single day in every single way. Do you hear them or do you tune it all out as white noise?

I love the stories I hear. Every day is a gift.

Until then, be excellent to each other.

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