Wednesday, 7 February 2007

People who live in glass houses...

Glass roof, originally uploaded by _Merlyn.

This is the roof of our house. It is partly the reason why we decoded on this house to rent rather than any other.

The house itself is very modern and very well designed, although there have been some serious building flaws cropping up as of late...

But this roof... Even on the dullest day the stairwell is bright and cheery. When it rains it makes me think of camping because man it's loud! At night if the moon is full, its light pours into the house, I can see the stars from the inside.

So while maybe chucking stones is a bad idea... looking up isn't.

It's only draw back? Man, oh man does the house ever get warm in the summer... Phew!


  1. You had to decode your house? That's rough :-) Great shot of the roof, I really liked that about your place. I miss the sound of rain on a roof-- you can't really hear that in my current house.

  2. ROTFL
    I never picked up on that typo!!!

    decided not decoded.
    yeeeesh! gotta love word spell check.


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