Saturday, 3 February 2007

Moving house

So I am trying something new. After several years at Tblog I finally bit the bullet and shifted to blogspot.

Why? Well because Tblog, as nice of a home as it has been is a complicated mess to use, the rss feeds didn’t work properly and you could not mess about with the html plus features that were supposed to work didn’t seem to work all that well.

So here we are. Moved into a new space on a familiar place. I use Blogger for the daughter of the empire books and the dragon’s scribe blogs, half of my friends blog with Blogger and the other half ( bar 1) blogs on Live Journal ( I have a blog there too, but it’s mainly for ranting and silliness and just sort of hanging out.

I am sure I’ll tweak this new home of mine, but for now I am kinda happy with how the messing about with the html worked. I just have to add a few things ( like a proper image import thingy, and some features that are fun…like feeds maybe?)

Until then, be excellent to each other!


  1. Yay! RSS feeds would be great.

  2. am trying to figure all that stuff out... my forte is pulling computer bits apart not trying to figure out html code...

    *grrr* 1 step at a time.


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