Sunday, 4 February 2007

Crow on Red

Crow on Red, originally uploaded by _Merlyn.

To talk about the recycled project is to talk about my love of many things. Crows, colours and computer innards.

When I took apart my first harddrive it amazed me that this collection of shiny bits held a person's virtual life. It looked like a futuristic record player...and the reader looked like a crow's beak. Yep my thought process such as it is...

Anyway, I don't sketch, as a rule, despite all the urgings to the contrary from my various art college instructors, I create small paintings instead. This one is about 8"x10".

I liken this to the way sculptors make maquettes. I paint small so that later I can paint big.

This painting is one in a serious of computer crow paintings.
It seemed fitting that the shiny things corvids like would go into making up a virtual corvid.


  1. Nice to see this (crow painting) on-line. ...and nice to see a working RSS feed for your blog. It does seem to be working.


  2. yay, and there was much rejoycing all around.

    I am trying to make this blog more art-centric rather than rant centric... we'll see how that goes.


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